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ESTECO is a pioneer in numerical optimization solutions, specialized in research and development of engineering software for all stages of the simulation-driven design process. Our first-class technology, used worldwide, inspires decision making, increases efficiency in design simulation tools, and accelerates product innovation. Perfecting engineering and reducing complexity in the design process is our vision.

Product Name

  • modeFRONTIER

Product detail

modeFRONTIER is an integration platform for multi-objective optimization, automation of design simulation processes and analytic decision making. Through innovative algorithms and integration with leading simulation sofware, it streamlines the engineering process. In numerous industries, modeFRONTIERR has become an essential tool to increase understanding of cost/performance factors and to reduce product development time. The software provides seamless coupling with engineering tools within different disciplines and its powerful workflow allows for the execution of complex chains of design optimization. Through innovative algorithms and advanced data visualization tools, modeFRONTIER helps companies identify the set of best possible solutions, while eliminating guesswork and introducing rigor and automation.

Product features

Designers are required to simultaneously consider multiple perspectives to determine the global optimal solution, facing an ever increasing problem complexity. With modeFRONTIER®, the process is streamlined combining objectives relating to variables of different disciplines. The powerful workflow allows the execution of complex chains of design optimization, innovative algorithms determine the set of best possible solutions combining opposing objectives, and post-processing tools allow the user to perform sophisticated statistical analysis, data visualization and decision making.

The modeFRONTIER® workflow environment guarantees formalization and management of all the logical steps composing an engineering process. Its powerful integration capabilities allow product engineers and designers to integrate and drive multiple Computed Aided Engineering (CAE) tools.
modeFRONTIER® multiobjective optimization capabilities enables to robustly identify the set of best possible solutions even for highly constrained design problems. The algorithms families encompass both optimization of physics-based and virtual models, managing efficiently problem dimensions and the attainable computational resources. The easy-to-use wizard allows to choose the best combination of local, global and hybrid optimization methods for reaching an enhanced and robust design.
DOE techniques allow for the exploration of the design space by considering all variables simultaneously and predicting the system's response over a wide range of values. modeFRONTIER® offers a number of sophisticated and efficient DoE methods, which permit the efficient measurement of the design space dimensionality, and develop scientifically a series of simulation experiments.
With the Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO) tool users evaluate how uncertainties impact the optimization process both in terms of reliability and in terms of robustness. Users can investigate noise factors in the neighbourhood of a sample design with a given probability distribution through a multi-objective optimization algorithm aimed at optimizing mean values while minimizing their variations.
modeFRONTIER® provides a complete and comprehensive environment for data analysis and visualization, enabling statistical assessment of complex datasets. Its sophisticated post-processing tools, such as Sensitivity Analysis, Multi-Variate Analysis, and Visual Analysis, allow results from multiple simulations to be visualized in a meaningful manner and key factors to be identified.
The Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) tool in modeFRONTIER® provides engineers with an effective framework to operate an informed and successful final choice among the optimal design candidates.


Our technology is used in a wide range of sectors:
  • Aerospace
  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology & Biomedicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Environment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Marine & Off-shore
  • Other applications

About company

ESTECO Spa is a company specialized in research and development of engineering software solutions for the optimization and integration of all stages of the design and simulation process.
The company was founded in 1999 by three engineers, Carlo Poloni, Luka Onesti and Enrico Nobile, who decided to turn their knowledge, acquired in the framework of a European optimization project, into a successful commercial product.
The technology developed by ESTECO can be applied in a number of industrial sectors with the aim of providing support to companies in continuously improving their products. Its main markets are the automotive and aerospace sectors, with significant recent investments in the energy sector, biology, life sciences and bioengineering.
ESTECO's vision is to transform inventions in innovation through flexible, modern and customized tools according to the demands of design engineers.
During the years ESTECO was able to grow and widen its horizons, receiving numerous acknowledgements both from the Italian and the international markets. Its internationalization strategy has brought it closer to different clients and markets owing to investments in local hubs through companies engaged in support and sales activities in the USA, Europe, Brazil, Japan and South East Asia.
Since its foundation the company's headquarters have been located in the AREA Science Park in Trieste  a technology park providing a thriving environment for research, development and innovation.

Company NameESTECO SpA
AddressAREA Science Park - Padriciano 99 - 34149 Trieste -Italy
Phone+39 040 3755548
Fax+39 040 3755549

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