EventsEvents 2013

Events 2013

December 4-5JMAG Users Conference 2013Tokyo, Japan
November 14Synopsys, Inc.
Synopsys Automotive Solutions Seminar
Detroit, USA
November 12-13IDAJ-China Co., LTD.
ICSC2013( IDAJ CAE Solution Conference )
Beijing, China
November 05-07SMMA
SMMA 2013 Fall Technical Conference
Florida, USA
November 01EMDYNE Inc.
JMAG Users Meeting in Korea
Seoul, Republic of Korea
October 29MathWorks Japan
Tokyo, Japan
October 08-10CWIEME LTD
Coil Winding Chicago
Chicago, USA
October 01-03Altair Engineering, Inc.
2013 Americas Altair Technology Conference
California, USA
September 15-19IEEE
ECCE 2013
Colorado, USA
September 13Altair Engineering, Inc.
2013 Taiwan Altair Technology Conference
Taipei, Taiwan
September 12ESTECO SpA
Multi-Objective Optimization for an Electric Motor Design Using modeFRONTIER and JMAG
September 10Altair Engineering, Inc.
2013 UK Altair Technology Conference
Warwickshire, UK
September 09-11Altair Engineering, Inc.
2013 China Altair Technology Conference
Beijing, China
September 06Altair Engineering, Inc.
2013 Korea Altair Technology Conference
Seoul, Republic of Korea
August 28-302013 IEE-Japan
Yamaguchi, Japan
August 05-08National Instruments
NI Week 2013
Texas, USA
July 17-19TECHNO-FRONTIER 2013 Tokyo, Japan
July 04MathWorks Japan
JMAAB 2013
Tokyo, Japan
July 03-05Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association
Thermotec 2013
Tokyo, Japan
June 25-27Opal-RT Technologies Inc.
Real-Time 2013
Paris, France
June 16IEEE
ITEC 2013
Metro Detroit,
Michigan, USA
June 04-06CWIEME
CWIEME Berlin 2013
Berlin, Germany
May 14LMS International
LMS France Auto Conference
Orteaux, France
May 22-24Dassault Systemes SIMULIA
2013 SIMULIA Customer Conference
Vienna, Austria
May 22The UK Magnetics Society
Computer Simulation of Novel Electromagnetic Devices
Derby, UK
May 08LMS Korea
LMS Korea Seminar with JMAG
Republic of Korea
April 17National Instruments
Automotive Testing Conference 2013
Republic of Korea
April 11dSPACE
Virtual Testing and Validation of Controller Software
Powersys Solutions will introduce coupling JMAG-RT with dSPACE MotorHIL.
Novi, MI,
April 10-11Powersys
JMAG Users Conference in Germany
April 09dSPACE
Virtual Testing and Validation of Controller Software
Powersys Solutions will introduce coupling JMAG-RT with dSPACE MotorHIL.
Naperville, IL,
April 03-04SIA
APE Conference(Automotive Power Electronics)
Paris, France
March 18-21We will give a presentation at
GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2013, and introduce our approach to JMAG GPU.
San Jose, USA
March 12LMS International
Modern Simulation for Electric Motors Seminar
Powersys Solutions will introduce coupling JMAG with LMS Virtual.Lab.
Troy, MI,
March 06Powersys, SIMULIA
Multiphysics Simulations Using Abaqus and JMAG for Electromagnetic Equipment Design
Dearborn, MI,
February 12JMAG Techno Seminar Bangkok, Thailand


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