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February 17, 2015
JSOL Corporation

Mailing system failure
Apology for service disruption in application and inquiries sent from the website mailing system

Dear JMAG users

We thank you for your continued support in JMAG.

During the period below, we have discovered that we have not been able to respond to a few applications and inquiries due to a system failure in the mailing system of the JMAG website.
Currently, the system has been recovered and the service has been resumed.

If you have sent us an application or inquiry during the following period, we ask you kindly to send us a message again using the appropriate form on the website.

We will put our full effort to prevent this from happening again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we thank you for your patience.


Inquiries, response to the system failure
JSOL Corporation
Engineering Business Division
Phone: +81-(0)3-5859-6020
FAX: +81-(0)3-5859-6035
E-mail: info@jmag-international.com

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