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JMAG Users Conference 2011

Section Meeting Introduction

As with the poster exhibition, we used a wide variety of themes as our subject matter for the section meetings, making this a place where small groups can communicate through technical and information exchanges.
The JMAG engineers will act as facilitators so that everyone can talk freely about things like the direction where analysis technology is heading and their requests for features in JMAG. This should be useful for everyone to share beneficial information and make connections.
Each section meeting will hold up to 20 people, so please apply early.


1Let's Talk About Motor Design
Participants can talk about their personal preferences and tastes as motor designers.

2Hopes for Future Functions and Services in Induction Heating Analysis
Participants can discuss function development and services in the induction heating analysis field that they would like to see in future versions of JMAG.

3What Role Can JMAG Play in the Power Electronics Field?
Participants can discuss the role and functions that will be sought for in JMAG in the power electronics field.

4Let's Try Multiphysics Analysis.
Participants can discuss achieving multiphysics analysis and what shape it should take.

5What Exactly is "A Really Good Mesh Generation Function" in Electromagnetic Field Analysis?
Participants can have a heated exchange regarding elementary mesh generation to special mesh generation technology.

6Motor Models in Motor Drive System Development
Participants can discuss the next step for JMAG-RT while deliberating exactly what a good motor model is.

7The Latest Trends in Solver High Speed Technology and JMAG's Approach
Participants can discuss next generation solvers while resolving their doubts about solvers and gaining knowledge.

8Are You Making Full Use of Your Important Results?
Participants can debate regarding the usage values that will be expected of the results, and the results processing and visualization technologies that will make them a reality.

9Moving to JMAG-Designer With You, Who Still Cannot Live Without JMAG-Studio

JMAG Seminars

In these seminars, the JMAG engineers will introduce the latest solutions. We have prepared a range of contents, from usage methods and operation streamlining to the differences between JMAG-Studio and JMAG-Designer.


"Fully Mastering JMAG-Designer:-Supporting Streamlining of Design Operations"

An Introduction of JMAG-Designer's Signature Features and New Functions in V. 11

"A JMAG-Designer Course for JMAG-Studio Users"
- The Differences Between JMAG-Studio and JMAG-Designer

Practical JMAG-Designer Script Course

Geometry Modeling With JMAG-Designer

How to Use the RT-Viewer

What is LCR? The Phenomenon and the Basics Behind It (Basic Version)

Evaluating LCR Through Analysis (Practical Version)

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  2. 2 JMAG Users Conference 2011 - Section Meeting Introduction, JMAG Seminars
  3. 3 JMAG Users Conference 2011 - Presentation Program
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  1. Implementing JMAG
  2. Model-based Development
  3. FEA Description
  4. Fully Mastering JMAG - Part 3 Evaluating Results and Viewing Models from A to Z -
  5. Fully Mastering JMAG - An Introduction to JMAG Technical Support -
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