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It has been a little while since the last issue, but we are happy to present the latest edition of the JMAG Newsletter.

The series that we started in the spring of last year to explain model-based development will come to an end with this issue. We took four issues to consider exactly what model-based development is and how it should be used. It would be wonderful if you could use the explanations from this series to make new discoveries that streamline your development process.
The previous parts of this series can be viewed here:

This issue also contains the final chapter of the series Explaining FEA (Finite Element Analysis). In this series, we took the opportunity to introduce the characteristics and application methods of FEA's simulation techniques in order to take a look at the advantages that they bring to the analysis field. We would be happy if this report creates new added value for your work environment.
The previous parts of this series can be viewed here:

We have also included an extensive report of the JMAG Users Conference 2011, which was held in December of last year. It will be a good read for both those who attended and those who were unable to come.

For a change of pace, this issue's Introducing JMAG article is an interview with members of the Institute for Electrical Energy Conversion, Technische Universitat Darmstadt. There is also plenty of variety, with a new edition of JMAG A to Z and an example of using technical support.

The JMAG NewsLetter is intended for everybody, from those who are currently using the product to those who have not started yet.
By all means, take this chance to introduce it to someone nearby.

This edition of the JMAG NewsLetter is packed with more content than ever. We hope you enjoy it.

JSOL Corporation
Electromagnetic Engineering Department, Engineering Technology Division


  1. Implementing JMAG
  2. Product Report Special Edition
  3. Explanation: Model-based Development
  4. Explaining FEA: Effectiveness of FEA in the Development Process
  5. Fully Mastering JMAG - Issue 3 Shortening Calculation Time from A to Z -
  6. Fully Mastering JMAG - An Introduction to JMAG Technical Support -
  7. Event Information

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