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Event Report for August - December, 2015

Attendees report on events held from August to December, 2015. We hope you will attend our next event.

NI Week 2015

Conference Outline

Host: National Instruments Corporation
Date: Monday, August 3 - Thursday, August 6, 2015
Venue: Austin Convention Center (Texas, USA)

National Instruments Corporation is a measuring instruments and controller manufacturer, and their headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. NIWeek, largest technology event, was held, and participants from a wide array of technology fields from America and other countries around the globe gathered at this conference.
During the conference, product exhibitions and workshops including a variety of demonstrations were held, covering the introduction of latest technology trends using application examples and development history, and lively discussions with the participants filled the conference hall.
JMAG's booth presented a coupled analysis cases between JMAG-RT and National Instruments' Motor HILS. The demonstrations and motor drive case studies including inverters and ECUs allowed us to see how much high accuracy HILS environments have expanded.

2015 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference

Conference Outline

Host: The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Date: Wednesday, September 2 - Friday, September 4, 2015
Venue: Oita University (Oita, Japan)
URL: (Japanese only)

2015 IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference

JMAG booth was exhibited at the Japan Industry Applications Society Conference hosted by IEE. Because this was an event held by academic society, many university students and professors joined the conference, as well as those performing research in corporations.
This year, we had many opportunities to be asked about the merits of implementing JMAG from those working with universities heard that JMAG are chosen by other universities. We introduced some examples where JMAG has been utilized in wide applications for designing electric devices.
Surprisingly, there were JMAG users among the presenters and JMAG was a topic of discussion in the academic conference. Through attending this event, I felt the need to constantly improve our software to meet the demands of our dedicated users.

(Mari Nakamura)

The Magnetics Society of Japan - Annual Conference

Conference Outline

Host: The Magnetics Society of Japan
Date: Tuesday, September 8 - Friday, September 11, 2015
Venue: Nagoya University School of Engineering (Aichi, Japan)
URL: (Japanese only)

The Magnetics Society of Japan hosted an Annual Conference, and we presented on the subject of "Finite Element Analysis for Electromechanical Design". We talked about the role of electromagnetic field analyses in the world and the necessity and requirements of new material models with a focus on losses.
Many participants came from universities and research institutes, and we feared they had little involvement with analyses, but the researches stated that the time has come to be more open to these technologies, and we received many questions from them.
There were times in which we were unsure of how to convey the benefits of analysis technologies to those working in different fields than what we are normally accustomed to, and it was a beneficial experience that helped us broaden our views.

Electromagnetic field analysis application technologies for motor design

Conference Outline

Host: Kodo Polytech Center
Date: Thursday, September 17 - Friday, September 18, 2015
Venue: Kodo Polytech Center (Chiba, Japan)
URL: (Japanese only)

As part of the skill development seminar hosted by the Kodo Polytech Center, we gave a seminar titled "Electromagnetic Field Application Technologies for Motor Design" which introduced methods to learn countermeasures for loss, heat, and vibration from electric and magnetic motor characteristics evaluation through demonstration using electromagnetic field analysis software. We demonstrated methods to create a plant model extremely similar to a physical machine, which is useful for designing controls, in order to bring out the best performance in a motor.
We received feedback from the participants telling us their understanding of analyses was deepened. Because many participants voiced their desire to join next time as well, we hope we can convey the advantages of JMAG in the future seminars including topics on how JMAG can solve issues that arise from design.

(Takayuki Nishio)

ECCE 2015

Conference Outline

Host: IEEE
Date: Sunday, September 20 - Thursday, September 24, 2015
Venue: Palais des congrès de Montreal (Montreal, Canada)

ECCE 2015

We participated again in this year's annual conference hosted by IEEE. This year a total of 142 lecture sessions were held, and each held lively discussions regarding technological issues, far exceeding the success of last year.
During the Losses in Electric Machines session, we presented on a method to increase the accuracy of a loss analysis for a SR motor. Receiving many questions after the presentation, and we felt everybody left with a heightened interest in loss analyses. WEMPEC also gave a very memorable presentation regarding their new motor.
Since there were no lectures during the exhibition session, users were able to focus on the exhibition and posters. At the JMAG booth we demonstrated the features of JMAG and showed loss analysis case studies. We were pleasantly surprised to see how much more known JMAG had become compared to the first time we participate in ECEE. We hope to hold more lively presentations and exhibitions at future events.

(Hiroyuki Sano)

Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition
              (CWIEME CHICAGO)

Conference Outline

Host: i2i Events Group
Date: Tuesday October 6 - Wednesday October 7, 2015
Venue: DE Stephens Convention Center (Chicago, America)
            Booth No: K4

We participated in CWIEME held in America. CWIEME is the world's largest exhibition for various components of electric machines including electric motors and transformers, such as windings, laminated steel sheets, magnets, and insulation.
At the JMAG booth, we performed a demonstration of the new features in JMAG-Designer Ver.14.1, showed solutions for motor design and applied case studies for transformers and JMAG-VTB.

MATLAB EXPO 2015 Japan

Conference Outline

Host: MathWorks Japan
Date: Friday, October 16, 2015
Venue: GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA (Daiba, Tokyo ,Japan)
URL: (Japanese only)

MATLAB EXPO 2015 Japan

Continuing from last year, we participated again in the MATLAB EXPO hosted by Mathworks Japan. Because the session break times varied, many attendees visited our booth even while presentations were being held.
Many companies partnered with JMAG also participated, and coupling solutions with JMAG-RT were shown at other booths. Attendees working with control design were interested in high-accuracy plant models at other booths, and many of them also visited our booth as well. We received a variety of questions, from RT model basics to advanced application technologies, allowing us to feel that JMAG-RT joint solutions have become more popular since last year. We will continue to develop functions helpful for business so our software can be further utilized for model based development.

(Tetsuya Hattori)

Siemens PLM - Simulation & Test Performance Engineering Conference

Conference Outline

Host: Siemens Japan K.K
Date: Thursday, November 26, 2015
Venue: Tokyo Conference Center (Tokyo ,Japan)
URL: (Japanese only)

We participated in Siemens PLM - Simulation & Test Performance Engineering Conference hosted by Siemens Japan K.K. Presentations on model-based development were given with over 200 attendees present, and the atmosphere was electric with excitement as we were shown the direction upcoming vehicle technology development is heading.
At our booth, we showed how useful JMAG-RT coupling solutions can be to model based development. We also received many questions from attendees regarding the coupling functions with LMS Virtual Lab. We were able to hear what many of our JMAG users want from our software, and we were motivated to continue to make the coupling functions even better.

(Takayuki Nishio)

IESF 2015 Japan

Conference Outline

Host: Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.
Date, Venue : Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 Midland Hall (Japan: Aichi)
                       Friday, December 4th, 2015 Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa (Japan: Tokyo)
URL: (Japanese only)

IESF is a conference targeted towards system simulations for automobiles, hosted by Mentor Graphics Japan. This year's conference also had guest speakers from the automobile industry, and they proposed a total solution covering a wide range of fields from evaluation of automobile ECUs and electric architecture to on-board application development, as well as thermal/electromagnetic analyses.
We gave a presentation titled "Introduction to JMAG-RT: Performing Highly Reliable Motor Drive Simulations using High Accuracy Motor Models", and discussed the high accuracy plant model, JMAG-RT for SystemVision (Mentor Graphics) which is now being developed.
At our booth we introduced high accuracy MILS/SILS/HILS simulations using high accuracy motor models with JMAG-RT. With regard to our high accuracy control simulation proposal, it was beneficial to see how JMAG-RT is needed from the perspective of vehicle development and the development of on-board systems.

(Yusaku Suzuki)

This issue has focused largely on reporting exhibitions and seminars held in Japan, the United States and Europe. JMAG will continue to strive to not only provide technological support, but also to play a part in our customers' global strategy.

Writer: Tomomi Igarashi

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