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Introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.15.0 [January, 2016]

JMAG-Designer Ver.15.0 (hereafter called Ver.15.0) was released in December 2015.
The multi-objective optimization engine can be used for the global design exploration of complex design space. In addition to the framework that reduces operation steps in the Geometry Editor and post-processing, operability of case control has also been improved for higher success with parametric analyses. Additional improvements include the check function of BH curves and magnetic field analysis accounting for hysteresis characteristics, as well as enhancements in customization features. This report introduces you the new features in Ver.15.0.


Introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.14.1 [July, 2015]

JMAG-Designer Ver.14.1 (hereafter Ver.14.1) was released on June, 2015.
Operability of the Geometry Editor and post processing function has been improved. The new added functions will reduce step, straightforward operations will allow efficient analyses. Analyses incorporating specific phenomena such as iron loss accounting for the effects of residual strain, and global optimization calculations using the optimization engine of MATLAB can both be performed. This document will be introducing the new features of Ver.14.1


Introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0 [December, 2014]

JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0 (hereinafter Ver.14.0) was released on December, 2014.
The main feature of Ver.14.0 is the improvement in performance of multiple cases including parametric analysis. With the realization of distributed processing in the entire work flow, acceleration of analysis speed by approximately 170 times has been achieved in scales for a few hundred cases. In addition, many functions have been added and enhanced for multiple case analyses including the acceleration of loading times for result files using 1000 cases, and reduction in memory usage. This document will be introducing the new features of Ver.14.0.


Introduction of JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1 [June, 2014]

JMAG Ver.13.1 will be released in June, 2014.
Ver.13.1 will have over 40 additional features including large-scale models, magnetic material, and multiphysics.This product report will introduce new unique features in JMAG Designer 13.1.


Three-Phase Induction Motor Design with JMAG-Express [June, 2014]

Handy features are constantly added in our motor design tool, JMAG-Express. This article will use three-phase induction motors as an example and introduce case studies of design. We hope you will make use of JMAG-Express in improving efficiency in your design work.


JMAG Achieves High-Speed Calculation [March, 2014]

JSOL continues daily efforts to develop new technologies for further acceleration of the JMAG solver.This issue focuses on the performances of the JMAG high parallel solver and GPU solver boasting an exceptional level of calculation speed. This is a must-see for those who wish to calculate large-scale models quickly.


PM Motor Design in JMAG-Express [March, 2014]

Handy features are constantly added in our motor design tool, JMAG-Express. This article will use PM motors as an example and introduce case studies of motor design using the unique functions of JMAG-Express. We hope you will make use of JMAG-Express in improving efficiency in your motor design work.


Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.13 [January, 2014]

We released JMAG-Designer Ver.13.0 in December, 2013. We have released Version 13.0 (which we'll call Ver. 13 from here on). With Ver.13, we focused on functional development aimed at high speed calculation and detailed modeling, in particular. The solver features the first parallel solver made for commercial use in the electromagnetic field analysis segment. Modeling technologies include higher accuracy in loss calculation for starters, realize small multiphysics through coupling of thermal and structural analyses for electromagnetic field analyses and provided a wide array of new functions. This product report introduces the most important new functions in Ver.13.


JMAG-VTB is Now Easier to Use [January, 2014]

We simultaneously released JMAG-Designer Ver. 13 and JMAG-VTB Ver. 3.0 in December 2013. We improved the method of using JMAG-VTB Ver 3.0 and added a navigation function. Even analysis beginners can easily obtain analysis results using JMAG-VTB. JMAG-Designer license-holders can use it immediately, so why not give it a try? This article will describe JMAG-VTB features and latest updates to the software.


DC Brush Motor Design Example [September, 2013]

In the latest version of JMAG-Express Public released in July 2013, a DC brush motor calculation function has been added. In this issue, we'll give you an example of an actual motor design utilizing JMAG-Express Public's properties as an example of the DC brush motor functions that were recently added.


Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.12.1 [July, 2013]

Introduction to representative 15 functions

We released JMAG-Designer Ver.12.1 in June, 2013. A wide variety of new functions have been added, including pre- and post-processing, solvers, and coupling, and the product now boasts greater stability and ease of use with better loss analysis accuracy and new tools for MBD, linking functions, and geometry editor functions.This article introduces the most important new functions in Ver.12.1, focusing on loss analysis, MBD, and geometry creation.


Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver.12 [January, 2013]

We released JMAG-Designer Ver.12 in December, 2012.
In this report, the people in charge of various new functions introduce important points for your attention.


Development and recent improvements to JMAG-Designer [July, 2012]

This article describes some of the motivations behind the development of JMAG-Designer and some of the new features in JMAG-Designer 11.1. The new functions support the manual mesh operations that were available in JMAG-Studio so that JMAG-Designer now provides both the convenience of 3D modeling with automatic meshing and the detailed control that manual mesh creation provides. We also continue to add new capabilities and some of the functions that can be expected in future releases are briefly outlined.


The release of JMAG-Designer Ver.11 [Winter, 2011]

The newest version of JMAG-Designer was released January 2012. Ver. 11 improves many existing features while adding a variety of new functions. The overall goal of these features is to reduce analysis time while increasing analysis capabilities.
Improvements in the solver can substantially reduce the calculation time, but this is only a part of the total time necessary to run an analysis. The total analysis time must consider the time spent generating the model and applying the conditions. That is why Ver. 11 improves many functions that help reduce the difficulty in setting up a model.
At JSOL, we are constantly working to improve all aspects of JMAG, and your feedback is appreciated.
Your comments and requests will continue to shape JMAG's functionality and we look forward to hearing your opinion of the features described in the following paper.


JMAG-Designer Ver. 10.5 was released [Summer, 2011]

The development of this version of JMAG-Designer Ver.10.5 implements various features aiming to improve performance as an experiment and evaluation device by advancing the analysis capabilities while reducing the work required by the user for a more efficient analysis process and ease of use.
Features that were only available in JMAG-Studio previously have been built into JMAG-Designer while also improving their usability. These features allow each analysis to be performed more efficiently while reassuring anyone using JMAG-Studio that JMAG-Designer not only satisfies their needs, but exceeds their expectations. Don't hesitate to try and evaluate JMAG-Designer yourself.


CAD Link Features in JMAG-Designer [Spring, 2011]

These product reports focus on the features of JMAG. This product report takes a look at the CAD link features realized by JMAG-Designer (hereinafter referred to as JMAG)


Introducing JMAG-Designer Ver. 10.4 - Simple to be Precise - [January, 2011]

JMAG-Designer Ver. 10.4 was released December 7, 2010. The latest version has evolved by combining the know-how of the most experienced engineers to provide a comprehensive analysis software which is easy to use for anyone experienced or inexperienced in computer aided engineering (CAE).
This article introduces the latest features that have been implemented into JMAG-Designer 10.4 along side primary examples of how to use the new modeling, analysis, and linking features.


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