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JMAG is simulation software for electric device design and development. It accurately models the complex electromagnetic phenomena in a wide range of equipment.
Since being released in 1983, JMAG has been used in industries and universities world-wide and has contributed to the development of thousands of products. Continuous communication with our users has made JMAG a world class analysis tool.
It is our wish that JMAG continues to grow and develop with its users.

Simulation Technology
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  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • High-Productivity
  • Open Interface

JMAG is capable of analyzing and quantifying phenomena that were once only observable during real-world testing. Virtual modeling allows you to dig deeper into the phenomena and explore more detail about the design. Virtual testing can also eliminate design problems ahead of production, which can significantly reduce testing costs.
Through customer feedback and internal testing, JMAG's accuracy is constantly tested and challenged in some of the most demanding electromagnetic applications.

JMAG's fast solvers are only a part of reducing the total analysis time. A significant portion of the analysis time is spent just setting up the model. To make this process easier, JMAG has an intuitive and easy to use interface. JSOL has formed partnerships with material manufactures to ensure that materials in the JMAG database are accurate and up to date. JSOL has also developed various tools from an optimization program to automated meshers to improve productivity. These features allow you to focus on your design and let JMAG do the work!

The Electromagnetic Analysis domain is only one of many domains that customers work within. A typical device analysis includes everything from noise and vibration simulations to circuit and control models. Each analysis domain has multiple programs that can create simulations within that domain. JSOL recognizes that each user has preferences on what programs work best for their model. JSOL has built partnerships with many of the leading software analysis programs so that JMAG users can work with programs that they are most comfortable with. This freedom allows JMAG users to seek out the best possible results across multiple analysis programs.

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Simulation Technology


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Products Structure

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JMAG-Designer: FEA Software for Electromechanical Design

This is the high-speed, high-precision FEA software tool at the core of JMAG.
An intuitive interface and precise modeling technology with a wide variety of results displays are built in.
Multifaceted evaluation of various design ideas is made possible by freely manipulating geometry, material properties, and drive conditions.

JMAG Function Videos

Introduction to JMAG-Designer

JMAG-Express: Motor Design Tool

JMAG-Express is a motor design tool.
Instantly calculates the motor performance as a calculator and provides design sheets to meet its requirements.
It enables to review all design changes accumulated in JMAG-Express at any time just as though you were referring to design memos.

JMAG Function Videos

Overview of Motor Design

Compare and investigate design proposals

Show / Hide Evaluation Items

Parametric Analysis

JMAG-RT: Drive Forward with MBD

JMAG-RT generates a high fidelity plant model. Since the model is still numerically based, it can solve very quickly. And since it is based on Finite Element Model results, it will not sacrifice accuracy to achieve this calculation speed. The JMAG-RT plant model can be used in system level simulations to provide a more accurate representation of the electromagnetic device. The JMAG-RT block can be used in Hardware in the Loop Simulations (HILS) which connect a physical Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to a virtual motor.

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