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The scenarios customized in JMAG-VTB can be used on customers' network with JMAG-Bus.
GUI is provided on web browsers and anyone can access JMAG analyses from anywhere.

Automate Your Analysis Workflow! Customize Your User Interface to Meet Your Individual Needs!

JMAG-Bus is a simpler user interface that provides the ability for users to easily specify the necessary design parameters and utilize the powerful functions of JMAG-Designer.

  • Script Recording
  • Analysis Templates
  • Report Functions

An environment for specifying analyses and confirming results with the single touch of a button has been realized by combining JMAG-Designer with a user interface that is based on familiar scripting languages such as Java or VBA.

System Features

  • Obtain analysis results by simply specifying a few design parameters.
  • There is no analysis know-how required.
  • JMAG-Bus is customized to meet the needs of each client's individual workflow.
  • JMAG-Bus can be configured in less time and more cheaply than conventional solutions.
  • The JMAG-Bus specifications can be modified easily, even after JMAG-BUS is configured.

System Features

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