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Parametric Tools

The parametric function is a feature to increase the workability of the parametric analysis that is beneficial to JMAG-Designer. Functions can now be defined in addition to the numerical and discrete values that have been available in the case control for the parametric analysis by defining a constant and an equation for the parametric function. The frequency (Hz) of the U, V, and W phases for the power supply can be synchronized by simply changing the common frequency (Hz), A, by setting the common frequency (Hz) to A = 120, and then specifying U=2πA+0, V=2πA+120, and W=2πA+240 if applying a 3-phase power supply using a sinusoidal function.

Parametric Tools

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Analysis Template

The analysis templates used to share information, such as the condition settings, material properties, and post-processing as a template have been reinforced. The succession of settings such as conditions were originally defined by the names of parts in JMAG-Designer, but now the succession of condition settings to faces and edges can be maintained by configuring data called a set. As a result, the advantage of analysis templates has been greatly improved.

Analysis Template

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Pre- and post-processors and solvers can be controlled by scripts. VBScript, Python, or Jscript can be used for scripts.These scripts can be used for automatic processing from model creation to results display, making it possible to construct optimization systems, etc.

Automatic analysis processing using scripts
Automatic analysis processing using scripts

JMAG-Designer now supports running user-defined scripts, which enables general purpose batch systems to control distributed processing and the use of external files to perform optimization calculations inside JMAG.

JMAG-Designer runs user-specified scripts Usage example
  • Response value using an external file (MATLAB, Excel, etc)
  • Post processing during a distributed calculation.
JMAG-Designer runs user-specified scripts

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