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Linking to a Control Simulator

Linking JMAG to a control simulator such as MATLAB/Simulink or PSIM makes it possible to investigate the performance of devices under the actual control conditions, and verify the operation at the system level. This feature is particularly useful for the development of a library of device behavior models. The following two types of links are supported.

Direct Link:
The FEM model of a device is linked directly to the control simulator. A complete FEM analysis is performed during the control simulation so a full set of analysis results for the device are available. The analysis setting can be made closer to the real environment as fewer assumptions on device behavior need to be made.

Use of a Behavior Model:
A behavior model of a device is extracted from the FEM analysis and used in the control simulator. The behavior model is small so high speed simulations in the control simulator are possible while still accurately including the properties of the model.

Linking to a Control Simulator

High-Speed Control Simulator Linking (Subcycling Linked Analysis)

Time intervals separate from a linked control simulator's can be set in JMAG using a unique subcycling process. This makes high-speed linked analysis possible.

Magnetic field analysis at 10 μsec intervals
Circuit calculation at 2 μsec intervals
Subcycling Linked Analysis

Linking to a Real-Time Simulator

  • Optimize motor drive systems based on the actual motor characteristics
  • Reduce rework and maximize the efficiency of the system development process
  • Use HILS and SILS for ECU test and debugging
  • Link JMAG to MATLAB/Simulink and PSIM

real time simulator

real time simulator
Linking to Real-Time Simulator

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