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Snapshot Analysis

The snapshot analysis is a feature to obtain solutions rapidly by separating each step of an analysis with multiple steps to multiple machines over a network. The snapshot analysis is beneficial for models that are not affected by transient aspects requiring information to be passed from step to step, such as cogging torque analyses.

Snapshot Analysis

Run Remote Program

The advantages of the remote system to improve performance based on the number of calculations is now more effective when running multiple calculation processes. the JMAG remote system utilizes a client server. Therefore, the power of the machine can be turned off after jobs are added because the client is only used to add jobs and acquire calculation results as well as manage jobs.

NoticeLicenses are required for the number of calculations that are run simultaneously.

Run Remote Program

Distributed Calculation using Cluster Systems

Distributed processing has reduced pre-and post- processing time, which caused a bottleneck in parametric analysis. Perform distributed processing including geometry creation, condition setting, calculation, and result evaluation using Linux or Windows. Speed increased compared to when using distributed calculation only for solver in a parametric analysis.

Distributed Calculation using Linux Cluster Systems

Distributed Processing Using General-Purpose Batch Systems

  • Jobs can be directly added to the LSF/PBS management server
    • Since existing general-purpose management servers can be utilized, the JMAG distributed processing environment can be easily created without having to change existing environments.
    • Job progress can be confirmed from the user's personal computer.

Example of general-purpose batch system
Example of general-purpose batch system

Power Simulation License (for Distributed Processing)

  • License system for multi-case calculations
  • Perform 100 jobs simultaneously with one license
  • Can be used for parametric analyses, optimizations, and JMAG-RT

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