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JMAG-Designer bannerWe released JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0 in December, 2014.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

Key features in JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0

The most noteworthy changes in JMAG V14 are the improvements made to performance. Not only have single cases been improved, but many performance increases can also be seen in multiple cases such as the parametric analysis. We have also worked hard on improving external linking as well.
We hope you enjoy using the latest version of JMAG.

Geometry and material models
  • More support types of function to import file from other CAD systems such as NX.
    Nearly all major CAD systems are supported. Importing from industry standard CAD systems is easier than ever.
  • Aperam's data have been added to our material data base of permalloy and permendur.
    Soft magnetic materials that continue their growth in use have been added. We will continue to improve our database with the support of the material manufactures.
Multiple Cases/Parametric Analysis
  • Distributed processing using Linux cluster systems
    Prepost processing times, which created a bottleneck in parametric analysis, can also be distributed, which allows for a great increase in speed compared to using conventional solvers only.
  • Improved operations for multiple case data
    When comparing each processing time in a series of the workflows, from importing projects to contour display, a lot of time was required to import result files.
    In V14, the memory requirements have been drastically reduced, allowing for stress-free importing regardless of the number of elements or cases.
Data management
  • JMAG Explorer
    Analysis data can now be searched for by file name, model name, and study name. Management and reuse of previously used analysis data has been made simple.
  • Indispensable utilities for re-using data, such as setting labels to be displayed for each case, and exporting only the selected studies as a new project, have been improved.
Enhanced Motion Linking Functionality
  • Motion status can now be expressed in high accuracy due to the transfer of electromagnetic force from JMAG to external software, or incorporating external force from external software to JMAG.
Multipurpose File Input / Output Tool
  • Conditions set in JMAG and distribution amount of externally imported heat transfer coefficient, temperature, displacement and stress can be handled simultaneously.

Other than the above, functions are added and enhanced.
Please see the materials below for details.
Introducing to new functions of JMAG Ver.14 (SWF, 2,153KB, User authentication required)

JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0 Download Site and Sample Data

The V14.0 license file will be necessary when using JMAG-Designer Ver.14.0.
- For those who have registered a license during the beta version, please continue to use that license.

Module download
Sample data and easy to understand tutorials

Addition of the JMAG Function Videos

Geometry Modeling
Detecting Overdefined Constraints
Measuring Dimensions

Inputting Variables

Selecting the Script Recording Type
Mesh Modeling
Nodal Connections during Manual Mesh Generation

Data Management
Manage files using JMAG-Explorer
Sorting Models and Studies
Exporting a Project
Duplicating Studies
Filtering Study Name

Addition of the JMAG Application Note

These are created using the functions in JMAG-Designer Ver.13.0 and later. Model data is included. Please feel free to use them.

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