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(Last Updated:2017-09-19)

Key features in JMAG-Designer Ver.16.1

Here are the main new features in JMAG-Designer Ver.16.1.

High speed calculation of a model with 1 million elements on a desktop computer

With the evolution of parallel solvers and meshers, 3D analysis can be incorporated into the design process more than ever. Parallel calculation performance on a multi-core general desktop computer has been improved. At the same time, we have also improved the process of mesh generation, which has drastically reduced mesh generation time for complicated shapes. Faster detailed 3D analyses

Suppress the behavior of complex magnetic fields inside a steel plate

The effect of direct current superimposition and high frequencies, which causes iron loss to increase, can be analyzed in detail while graphing the minor loop. In JMAG's iron loss modeling, the results analysis function has been enhanced. Highly accurate material modeling and analysis function.

Increased speed and stability of a calculation distributed into 1000 cases

Reducing the time required to save files and import results into models with over 1000 cases, while increasing the number of concurrent executions, ensures that design proposals can be implemented in a short time. Performance of parametric analysis and optimization has been improved. Speedup of multi-case/optimization calculation

Monitoring the state of the inside of a motor with JMAG-RT

JMAG-RT can be used for a variety of purposes, which provides the high fidelity plant models for control designs using the FEA of JMAG as a base. It can be used for verifying the NVH performance with a mechanism system model and control system model using electromagnetic force obtained by JMAG, as well as for examining the control gain parameters using a JMAG-RT model. Enhancement of JMAG-RT model

Improve customization of JMAG

Increased scripting and user subroutines functionality allows JMAG to be further customized.  

We hope you use the newest version of JMAG to perform even more efficient analyses for your needs.

Geometry Modeling
  • Spiral coils and stranded wires can be created freely in JMAG for analyzing losses and inductance. A new path generation function and sweep function have been added to the Geometry Editor. Additionally, the pattern copy can be applied to multiple parts and sketches simultaneously using assembly features.
  • With the concept of direct modeling introduced in Ver. 16.0, a geometry parametric analysis can be performed for imported geometry that does not include geometry creation history. The same idea has also been implemented for the region move and solid move.
  • Accounting for the anisotropy of magnetic properties during a magnetization analysis allows integrated magnetization and multipole magnetization to be analyzed accurately. Perform a magnetization analysis after setting magnetic properties in the easy axis direction and hard axis direction.
  • The SmCo magnet of TOKIN, LM-26SH and LM-30FH, were added to the material database.
  • Mesh generation time for complicated three-dimensional models has been greatly reduced, allowing analyses to finish in shorter times than ever before possible. Effective in models with many parts such as coil ends.
  • Controlling the density of the air region can limit the number of elements while preserving the calculation accuracy of inductance and electromagnetic force. Added a new function for density control that partially refines the mesh for the specified air region geometry.
  • Calculation speeds has been drastically improved for a 3D model with several hundred thousand elements by increasing the speed for shared memory parallel processing solver (SMP). Parallelization up to 36 parallels is now possible, and calculation time has been reduced up to about 1/10th the time of nonparallel calculation. This parallel performance can be preserved even when all of the installed physical cores are used.
Magnetic Field Analysis
  • Thermal demagnetization calculation can be performed for coercive force distribution magnets by accounting for temperature dependencies for coercive force.
  • Thermal demagnetization calculation can be performed for coercive force distribution magnets by accounting for temperature dependencies for coercive force.
  • Thermal demagnetization calculation can be performed for coercive force distribution magnets by accounting for temperature dependencies for coercive force.
Multi-case / Optimization
  • Continued from Ver.16.0, we are working to improve the performance of frequently performed operations such as saving files. In particular, in the optimization calculation using genetic algorithms and scalability was improved by increasing the number of concurrent executions.
  • Function input for scripts is now easy. Simply select the function to input from the list of functions displayed in the editor, and enter it.
  • The preinstalled scripts provided from Ver.15.1 have been enhanced.
  • User-defined circuit components have been added; more advanced feedback control circuits can be created.
  • Various physical quantities from FEA can be monitored in the control circuit. Added optional physical quantities such as electromagnetic force distribution to the JMAG-RT model.
  • Supported the display of inductance and torque in the Id and Iq coordinate system commonly used in the control system; the output LUT can now be used for the control system as is.
On-Demand Information
  • Online help is now easier to use. It has been changed to a configuration that matches the tree structure of JMAG-Designer.

Other than the above, functions are added and enhanced.
Please see the materials below for details.
Introducing to new functions of JMAG-Designer Ver.16.1 (SWF, 1,679KB, User authentication required)

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