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  • A file converter that makes it possible to use the analysis results obtained from JMAG in other software.
  • Reusing the analysis results obtained from JMAG is so easy for the people who are in charge of thermal, fluid and structural analyses and are currently using other software. For this reason, it is possible to run more detailed thermal, fluid and structural analyses.
  • Studying a design for various analysis engineers using the same models makes it possible to raise their model based development efficiency.
  • Functions
    • Import/export required physical amounts for analysis
    • Output JMAG analysis results in Nastran format
    • Map physical amounts from JMAG onto external files
    • Preview physical amount distribution after mapping
    • Support for static analysis, frequency analysis, and transient analysis
    • Support for executing FFT and exporting the specified range of frequency in a frequency analysis
    • Support for importing nodal temperatures, heat transfer coefficients, stress, and displacement
    • Support for setting both received distribution amounts and JMAG conditions
  • Physical amounts that can be exported
    • Flux density, Magnetic field, Magnetization, Current density, Nodal force, Lorentz force, Iron loss, Joule loss, Hysteresis loss, Stress, Electric field, Electric potential, Distortion, Magnetostriction, Displacement, Temperature distribution, Heat generation density, Velocity, Acceleration, Permeance coefficient
  • Physical amounts that can be imported
    • Nodal temperature, Heat transfer coefficients, Stress, Displacement

Multi-Purpose File Export Tool
Temperature distribution in an IH cooking heater

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Multi-Purpose File Export
(Transferring JMAG Results
to Other Software)

Multi-Purpose File Export
of Rotating Parts

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