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Structural Analysis

JMAG's structural analysis solver takes as input the electromagnetic force calculated from the magnetic field analysis to determine the stress distribution, vibration, and radiated sound pressure distribution.
JMAG also supports the use of the stress distribution in the magnetic analysis to determine the stress-dependent magnetization and loss properties of materials.

Stress Analysis

Example: The centrifugal force on the rotor of an IPM motor may cause structural problems. With JMAG, an analysis that includes the adhesion and contact of the magnet and rotor core as well as the stress of the bridge can be performed.

Displacement depending on the degree of adhesion of the magnet
Variations in displacement from differences in contact conditions of magnets

Compressive stress depending on the degree of adhesion of the magnet
Variations in compressive stress from differences in contact conditions of magnets

JMAG Function Videos

Calculation of Stress and Displacement by Centrifugal Force

Eigenvalue Analysis

Vibration/noise is caused by the resonance phenomena of excitation force and eigenmode vibration.
With JMAG's structural analysis, eigenvalue and eigen vector can be obtained.

Example: Eigenvalue may change if static stress due to shrink fitting or press fitting is applied. Running eigenmode analysis accounting for stress distribution obtained in stress analysis allows for obtaining the eigenvalue accounting for these effects.

Eigenvalue with initial stress
Eigenvalue with initial stress

JMAG Function Videos

Eigenmode Analysis

Sound Analysis

Example: Motors are widely used in various applications that require smaller and lighter motors along with the reduction of vibration and noise. JMAG can be used to analyze vibration and radiation sound caused by slot harmonics and the inverter drive.

Magnetic flux density distribution of a speaker Sound pressure distribution of a speaker
Magnetic flux density distribution
in the speaker
Radiated sound distribution
in the speaker

JMAG Function Videos

Calculation of Sound Pressure with Electromagnetic Force as the Excitation Force

Structural Transient Response Analysis

Enabled structural transient response analyses.
Enabled continued analysis of electromagnetic force, displacement from magnetic field analyses.

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