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Thermal Analysis

JMAG's thermal analysis capability allows the coupling of the magnetic field analysis with a thermal analysis with eddy currents, iron loss and joule losses of coil as heat sources. The magnetic field analysis can also include the temperature-varying properties of magnetic materials and conductors for a strong coupling.

Example 1:
The design of an induction heating system for high frequency quenching needs a coupled magnetic field and thermal analysis to show the temperature distribution inside the heated object and the time history of the temperature.

Example 2:
Temperature control is critical for electric devices like motors. A thermal analysis allows you to view the heat generation and temperature distribution caused by coil current, iron loss, and eddy currents in the magnet.

High-frequency induction heating analysis of a crankshaft

Temperature variation after the motor starts running.

JMAG Function Videos

Motor Magnetic Field Thermal
One-way Coupled Analysis

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